How to Watch Disney Plus on iPhone in Singapore (Jan. 2021)

Last updated: January 1, 2021

Disney+ is now available on multiple devices and supports unlimited downloads on mobile devices, four simultaneous streamers, up to 7 profiles, and 4K streaming. However, if you are wondering how to watch Disney Plus in Singapore on iPhone, you will need a VPN.

How to Watch Disney Plus on iPhone in Singapore

A VPN is your gateway to unblock restricted content of Disney Plus for its fans around the world. So, without further ado, here are some valuable insights into workable VPNs for Disney Plus,Ā based on their characteristics, services they are offering, and pricing plans.

šŸ“¢ To watch Disney Plus on iPhone, scroll down to find the best VPN, and follow the simple steps below to bypass geo-restrictions!

5 Best VPN to Watch Disney Plus on iPhone [Overview]

  1. PureVPN:Ā  The Best VPN for Disney+ on iPhone.Ā 6,500+ servers in 180+ locations, 24 servers in Singapore. AES-256-bit Encryption. Test trial for 7-day trial available @ $0.99/mo. Starts at $1.32/mo on a 5-year plan.
  2. Surfshark: Budget VPN for Disney+ on iPhone. 3,200+ servers in 65 locations including Singapore. AES-256-CBC Encryption. Free trial for iOS devices and 30-day refund guarantee. Starts at $2.21/mo on a 2-year plan.
  3. NordVPN: Secure VPN for Disney+ on iPhone. 5,400+ servers in 59 locations including 118 servers in Singapore. AES-256-CBC Encryption. 7-day free trial for Android, and iOS. Starts at $3.71/mo on a 2-year plan.
  4. ExpressVPN: Fast Streaming for Disney+ on iPhone. 3,000 servers in 94 locations including 3 in Singapore. AES-256-GCM Encryption. Free trial for iOS devices and 30-Day Refund Guarantee. Starts at $6.67/mo on a 15-months plan.
  5. IPVanish: Unblocks Disney+ Seamlessly on iPhone. 1,600+ servers in 75+ locations including 16 in Singapore. AES-256-CBC Encryption. No free trial but a money-back guarantee of 30-days. Starts at $2.33/mo on a 1-year plan.

How to Watch Disney Plus on iPhone: Easy Steps

If you want to enjoy Disney Plus on your iPhone, you can unblock the content with the use of a VPN by following the steps listed below;

  • Subscribe to a recommended service like PureVPN
  • Visit the Apple Store
  • Download the PureVPN app on your iOS
  • Open the VPN app
  • Enter your login credentials.
  • Connect to a server in the US
  • Open the Disney Plus application and enjoy

PureVPN on iOS Devices

PureVPN for iPhone!31-Days Moneyback Guarantee

5 Best VPN for Disney Plus on iPhone [Detailed Analysis]

To stream Disney Plus on your iPhone, you will have to have a VPN connection, especially if you reside outside the US, or somewhere where Disney Plus has not launched yet. Below is a detailed analysis of the best VPNs for your iPhone.

1. PureVPN: The Best VPN for Disney+ on iPhone

Number of Servers: 6,500+ | Locations:Ā 180+ | US Servers: 450+ | TrustpilotĀ Rating:Ā 4.8 | Maximum Devices Supported: 10 | Price: $1.32/mo on a 5-year plan

PureVPN is the product of the Hong Kong-based GZ System. It is easy to use and fast with user-friendly interfaces. The VPN offers great speeds for both torrenting and P2P file sharing. It also successfully manages to unblock Disney Plus, minus any hassles.

The provider uses obfuscated servers to bypass VPN bans and content blocks, without any effort.Ā  PureVPN is also compatible with a wide range of devices including Smart TVs like Apple, Android, and Fire TVs, gaming consoles like PS4, and Roku devices.

In terms of features, PureVPN comes equipped with IP leak protection, internet kill switch, unlimited bandwidth, split tunneling, dedicated IPs, and port forwarding. The provider has also been audited by AltiusIT and KPMG!

PureVPN Working Servers: January 2021

Users can unblock Disney Plus seamlessly and efficiently through these PureVPN’s recommended servers: Ashburn, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Atlanta.

PureVPN Unblocks Hamilton


  • 6,500+ Servers in 140+ Countries
  • Based in Hong Kong (Safe Location)
  • Military-Grade AES-256 Encryption
  • Dedicated IPs and Split Tunneling
  • 10 Simultaneous Connections


  • Free Trial is Not Available

Get PureVPN Now!31-Days Moneyback Guarantee

2. Surfshark: Budget VPN for Disney+ on iPhone

Number of Servers: 3,200+ | Countries:Ā 65+ | US Servers: 500+ | TrustpilotĀ Rating:Ā 4.3 | Maximum Devices Supported: Unlimited | Price: $2.21/mo on a 2-year plan

Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands and offers an easy to use interface. It offers fast speed, torrenting, and P2P is allowed. Ad-free streaming is done by CleanWeb blocks ads and malware before they even load.

Similar to ExpressVPN, the newcomer offers RAM Only Servers, which wipe out all information stored on the servers automatically. Add this to the multi-hop feature of Surfshark and you can receive maximum anonymity online!

Surfsharkā€™s interface is also quite interactive with its apps and browser extensions are clean and they donā€™t bombard with unnecessary options, and easy to navigate settings menu. All in all, the provider is a great option for unblocking Disney+ on iOS devices extended to PS4, Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, and Smart TVs.

Surfshark Working Servers: January 2021

Surfshark users who want to unblock Disney Plus in Singapore can stream in 4k quality using these recommended servers: Boston, Detriot, and Denver!

Surfshark Unblocks Star Wars


  • 3,200+ Servers in 65+ Countries
  • Based in the British Virgin Islands
  • 7-Day Free Trial for iOS/Android
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  • AES-256-CBC and AES-256-GCM


  • Extended Audit Needed

Get Surfshark Now!30-Days Moneyback Guarantee

3. NordVPN: Secure VPN for Disney+ on iPhone

Number of Servers: 5,400+ | Countries:Ā 59+ | US Servers: 1,800+ | TrustpilotĀ Rating:Ā 4.5 | Maximum Devices Supported: 6Ā | Price: $3.71/mo on a 2-year plan

NordVPN is based in Panama, offers an interactive interface that is easy to use, NordLynx-accelerated speeds, best security protocols IKEv2. Servers P2P-optimized and Bitcoin payment option. It follows strictly no-logs policy and regular audit is performed by the PWC.

The CyberSec system of NordVPN adds an additional firewall accompanied by an ad, tracker, and malware blocker. The provider also has one of the largest networks of 5540+ servers worldwide with 118 servers in Singapore alone, which can prove quite useful for expats!

It uses AES-256-CBC with an RSA-2048 handshake for the control channel. NordVPN also comes equipped with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) by a DHE-4096 key exchange. Roku, PS4, Smart TV, Apple TV, iPhone, and Samsung TV can be connected with a single subscription limited up to 6 devices simultaneously!

NordVPN Working Servers: January 2021

NordVPNā€™s US servers work smoothly if you want to watch Disney+ in Singapore, minus any hassles. Recommended choices:#3097, #2497, #3288, #3325.

NordVPN Unblocks The Right Stuff


  • 5,400+ Servers in 59+ Countries
  • Based in Panama (Safe Jurisdiction)
  • 7-Day Free Trial on iOS Devices
  • Works with US/UK/JP Netflix
  • Automatic Kill Switch Feature


  • Support Needs Improvement

Get NordVPN Now!30-Days Moneyback Guarantee

4. ExpressVPN: Fast Streaming for Disney+ on iPhone

Number of Servers: 3,000+ | Countries:Ā 94+ | US Servers: 1080+ | TrustpilotĀ Rating:Ā 4.7 | Maximum Devices Supported: 5Ā | Price: $6.67/mo on a 15-Months Plan

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands. The interface is easy to use and the VPN offers fast speed software equipped with a handy speed test. It utilizes TrustedServer Technology for wiping out the stored data, thanks to servers based on RAM-infrastructure!

The provider offers encryption of 4096-bit SHA-512 RAS using AES-256-CBC to secure all data and allow users to bypass network restrictions anonymously and protect the data and files from hacks and other cyber-attacks.

Extensions for browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are provided by ExpressVPN. You even have troubleshooting guides available with detailed assistance for any technical issues with the services on iPhone, Samsung TV, Smart TVs or other supportive devices.

ExpressVPN Working Servers: January 2021

ExpressVPN offers amazing support for Disney+ through their RAM-infrastructure technology. Recommended servers: New Jersey-1, Washington DC, New York.

ExpressVPN Unblocks The Mandalorian


  • 3000+ Servers in 94+ Countries
  • Headquartered in BVI
  • Verified ā€œNo-Logsā€ Policy
  • Multi-Logins on 5 Devices
  • 30-day Refund Policy


  • Product is a Little Expensive

Get Express VPN Now!30-Days Moneyback Guarantee

5. IPVanish: Unblocks Disney+ Seamlessly on iPhone

Number of Servers: 1,600+ | Locations: 75+ | US Servers: 860+ Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 | Maximum Devices Supported: 10 | Price: $2.33/mo on a 1-Year plan

IPVanish is US-based with a user-friendly interface. It is speedy and has a large selection of servers, along with advanced features like an automatic kill switch, IPv6 leak, Port Forwarding, and a strict no-logs policy, guaranteeing all your information remains secure!

The provider uses SOCKS5 proxy for torrenting and even supports multiple devices like Smart TVs, Apple TV, Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone, Chromebook, Routers. Unlimited bandwidth protects from any buffering and allows torrenting.

IPVanish Working Servers: January 2021

IPVanish’s US servers unblock Disney Plus in Singapore and that too in ultra HD quality. Recommended choices: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Denver.

IPVanish Unblocks The Fault in Our Stars


  • 1,600+ Servers in 75+ Countries
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Zero WebRTC/DNS/IP leaks
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections


  • Privacy Issues

Get IPVanish Now!30-Days Moneyback Guarantee

How to Fix Disney Plus Errors on iPhone

Although Disney Plus is very compatible with iPhone yet there are chances that you might get errors and it may not work properly.

There could be a number of reasons for that including outdated operating systems, poor internet connection, outdated software, settings issue,s, etc. To fix the issue you need to troubleshoot the following;

  • Turn off your iPhone and restart again
  • Check any updates for the Disney Plus app and update it
  • Check your internet connection and restart it or check any issue related to it
  • If all above doesn’t work, then delete the Disney Plus app and install again

How to Watch Disney Plus on iPhone: FAQs

When you explore to watch Disney Plus in Singapore, there will be queries in your mind to find answers. Below are answers to some expected and common questions.

šŸŽCan I download content from Disney + on my iPhone? can download the content for offline viewing of Disney Plus Content and strongly depends on your storage space.

ā–¶ļøCan I share Disney Plus subscriptions with friends?

No. Login data is only allowed within the family with up to 7 profiles that can be created.

āš ļøHow much does Disney Plus cost for iPhone?

Disney Plus subscription costs $6.99/-mo

Wrapping Up

You can enjoy Disney Plus content on your iPhone with all the ease and ad-free streaming. All you need to do is invest in a reliable VPN, as to avoid geo-restrictions and content blocks, imposed by Disney+ due to pressure from production houses and licensing agreements.

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